Sunday, September 30, 2012

Painting Silk Ribbon Revisited

Yesterday I posted that I had painted some silk ribbon.  Even after ironing it came out rather stiff...that's ok for my art quilts, but not ideal.  Although I am not a perfectionist by any means, I really didn't like the feel of the silk ribbon, so I did some online reading about painting silk and discovered that I had used the wrong kind of paint.  I used normal textile paint.  What I needed and, oddly enough have, is paint specifically for silk painting.  I tried using that on wet silk ribbon this morning and found that it is just perfect.  

This probably looks a lot like the picture I posted yesterday, it is the same kind of ribbon after all...but it feels much different. And I learned this little trick to make a more variegated look:

See how this ribbon is blue along the edge and greenish yellow in the middle?   I did that by wetting the ribbon, painting it blue, then wetting the brush and brushing the blue paint.  Most of the blue paint came off.  I then painted the middle with yellow, turning that area greenish, but leaving the edges blue.  I like that technique and when I get my wider ribbon, I'm going to try that.

Finally, I had a triumph of sorts with dyeing silk scarves.  I have had a problem getting really dark colors on silk with the dyes I use.  Technically the dyes are for cotton and rayon, not so much for silk, although they do work.  The colors come out a lighter pastel.  Well, not if you put a whole big bunch of dye in the water and dye the scarf in a ziploc bag.   The dark navy color of one scarf is the first of very, very few dark colors I've been able to achieve.

I have almost decided to take an online silk painting class.  After watching some YouTube videos, I think I might be able to add to my repetoire of very entertaining skills :)

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