Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yarn and Silk Ribbon Painting

So, not that I don't have many, many unfinished projects to do in my other crafts, I decided I'd try my hand at painting cotton and silk yarn and silk ribbon. Actually, I am working on several art quilts for which I really need some embellishments.  I thought maybe I'd just make my own by painting yarn and silk ribbon.   

Here's how the yarn came out:

 Trust me when I say I will never paint yarn again..... Just this little bit drove me nuts!  Trying to get every little

However, the silk ribbon was another matter.  I had 1/8" wide and 1/4" wide ribbon on spools.  I just kept unwinding and painting.  This picture is the 1/4" wide.  I like it and it was fun to do.  I used regular textile paint.  I need to iron it to see if it will be supple again.  I don't really care if it softens or not because I'm just going to stitch it on an art quilt.


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