Saturday, June 21, 2008


I have two very special needlework finishes to share today:

Silk Parasol, a piece I have been working on since 2004 and finally finished on Christmas Day 2007. I stitched for my mom and just had it framed. Here it is:

And Village Sampler by Prairie Schooler:

I started this in 2005 and finished it two weeks ago. It's my favorite PS piece and I am so happy to have it not only finished, but framed and hanging in my living room as well.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Cats and Quilts...

Anyone who has read any of my myriad pf blogs in all their various forms, knows that I have two cats, used to have three. I have recently been preoccupied with the connection between cats and quilts. Here's why:

I decided that there are some traditional patterns that I probably will never make. I'm out of the " cut little pieces and precise sew them together" realm of quilting. I like to use simple shapes and let the color and texture of the fabric speak for itself. Having taken that decision, I've been checking around for some of my favorite quilt patterns already made up into quilts. I thought I'd collect them and maybe use some of them to augment my own quilts.

So, I turned to the place where all things can be found....Ebay. I found several sellers who had good feedback and seemed reputable. I started collecting. I've collected 7 so far. Including a gorgeous 1930's wedding ring and a couple really nice lone star quilts.

I also collected one that is called Stars at the Crossroads. I love star blocks! This quilt is in colors of rose, blue and green. The pattern and age of this quilt is not so much as to make me unwilling to put it on my bed for the summer.

I washed the quilt, repaired a few loose seams and prepared it to grace my nicely made bed. I no sooner got the quilt smoothed over my chenille bedspread when my almost 12yr old Oriental Shorthair cat, Boo Boo, hopped on the bed and rolled on the new quilt like he'd never in his life laid on anything so comfortable! It was if he knew the quilt was new to the house and he had to make sure it had an appropriate amount of his cat hair on the new addition.

Why is it that cats are so drawn to quilts? Mine aren't drawn to tablecloths or placemats or even towels. Is it because they grew up in a household where quilts are lovingly made? Are they attracted by the good energy to comfort and warm that quilts possess? I don't know.
What do you think? Post a comment and let me know.