Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wave Bye-Bye to the Car

I waved bye-bye to my cute little car on Friday. Hubby and I drove to Stuttgart (3hrs from here) and turned my little Mini Cooper convertible over to the car shippers. In a little less than 3 months, it will arrive on Sand Island on Oahu all safe and sound, but probably a little dusty.

We took the train (well, TRAINS, actually) back from Stuttgart to Grosskarolinenfeld where we live. It took about 4 hours. It was interesting, but very expensive. It cost about 140 euros for the two of us. But, we couldn't rent a car to get us back for that price, so we had an experience and even got to sleep on the train from Stuttgart to Munich. We had gotten up at 4 am and left the house at 5 to get to the car shippers in time for our appointment.

Yesterday other than doing some laundry, I did virtually nothing. I have to pick up the pace in doing my last minute things, but I'm having a hard time getting motivated. At the last minute I'll just jumble everything into a box and have it all mailed to us after we get to Hawaii. I'm just exhausted right now. I am going to be able to use the three weeks off in Maryland to catch up on my sleep and gird my loins for the last push to Hawaii.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

After the stress....

comes the in virus. It's been lovely outside this week and I've come home every day in my little orange Mini Cooper convertible with the top down.
Everyone with convertibles seemed to be out driving around enjoying the 60-something degree weather. Well, it appears maybe I was too precipitous. This morning I woke up with a cold. I had avoided all the sickness of my coworkers all winter only to catch the springtime version. I think it is a result of delayed stress from packing up and seeing all my beads and fabric and craft supplies drive off in big crates. I tell you I'm really attached to that stuff. It's my sanity to counter balance the insanity of my job. At least I have some small beadies left to play with. I want to perfect my right angle weave technique and practice a few other kinds of beadweaving stitches. I'm also working on a beaded doll.

And when I get tired of beading, I have my cross stitch, which always calms me.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Everything is GONE!

We survived the packout of all our stuff. Our cats survived, too. We're living with loaner furniture, which is adequate, but far from our own furniture. I was thinking this morning as I woke up on an Aerobed, our sleeping arrangements until we leave in June, that I felt weird...restless...out of place.

I am one of those people who, contrary to the popular trend, would not like to live "simply." I like my stuff. And I am a bit attached to my stuff, too. But this morning I realized it was not my furniture I'd miss, it's my artsy toys as I like to call them. I miss the wallhangings I've made, the needlework I've had framed, and my quilts. Besides my husband and my cats, they are what make my house a home. I feel out of sorts without those touches of home. I have some artsy creations at my office at work. I think I'll bring them home and put them up until the last shipment of last minute stuff in May. I think that would make me feel less out of place.