Sunday, December 26, 2010

Before the end of the year....

I gotta get in one more post with a few updates.  I've really started making dolls in earnest.  As usual, I have several started in various stages of construction.  I'm trying some multimedia dolls and cloth dolls with sculptured faces. 

The first one is a paper mache mannequin that I painted and have had hanging around for a while.  I made my very first paper clay head and glued it on.  Now I have to make some sort of arms from paper clay, too.

Did I mention there is no laughing while looking at my blog?  Well, seeing this, my own original creation of a stump doll, might just make you break that rule.  This was my attempt to make a doll with a bosom.  I had a really hard time trying  to stuff her into her dress.  I did learn a lot from the process, but the poor thing looks a bit lopsided.  And now I have to a head and arms for her.

 This is Fanny the Fandango Doll.  She has a ready-made body that I'm painting and beading.  I beaded her face.

 This is a purely fantasy doll.  I don't even know what it will be when I'm done.  I'm altering the body a bit and just going with the flow for beading.