Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time for cat pictures!

Seeing as this blog begins with the word "cat" it's only right that we have some cat pictures...and the stories that go with them.

 This is Jazzmyn.  She's 12 years old.  She hates having her picture taken.  Most of the pictures I have of her are of her backside.  But, here, she's "sharing" my glass of water.  Boo boo started this practice of "sharing" and she picked it up. 
Before anyone reports me to the ASPCA for not giving my cats water, they have a big bowl of fresh stuff by their crunchy dishes.  They just like to share mine.

This is Boo Boo.  He's giving me his patented "I-don't-see-you-even-though-you-are-in-my-face-with-that-freakin'- camera" look.  Like most cats he's very good at ignoring what doesn't fit into his plan of the day.  That means almost everything I want him to do and absolutely everything I DON'T want him to do.  This apparently works very well for him as he has been doing it for almost 14 years now.  As far as I can tell, besides a little problem with his thyroid, he's fit as a fiddle and likely to continue his ignoring for many more years.

I am currently trying to find a more natural cat food for both of the spoiled brats.  And, of course, they need to like it.  Natural food is relatively easy to find...but the rest...well, not so much.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lots and Lots of Stuff

 Lots and lots of stuff going on this month.  My glass making has really taken off.  It's fun to experiment with using different kinds of glass.  My favorite right now is iridescent glass.  It's amazing what kinds of effects you can achieve layering patterned glass with iridescent glass.  Iridescent glass doesn't look much different than normal glass. Some of it has a slight rainbow effect, but you have to look pretty closely to differentiate between normal glass and iridescent glass.  I've done a couple of dishes with iridescent glass and a couple of small pendants.  Lots more experiments to do :)

My bead weaving is progressing apace.  I'm working on a loomed piece for my mom.  It's a portrait of an Edwardian girl.  For some reason my bead pattern making software picked metallic green beads for the girl's face.  So I had to tweak the pattern.  Still working on two off loom pieces.  A three-drop peyote of a 1920's woman and a two-drop peyote of a red hollyhock taken from a photograph I took in Taos, New Mexico in 2006.  Love beading my own photographs.  My next big project is a pattern I made from a photograph I took of Caesar's Forum in Rome in 2006. 
I also have a couple of pieces waiting on my 32" Mirrix Loom.  I started too many loom projects without realizing how long it would take to finish them.  

And I'm still working on some wire and metal jewelry.  I'm going to give up metal clay when I finish with the batch I have.  It's ok, but not something I want to do a lot with.  It's great for charms, but since I learned to make rings from silver wire, I don't want to work that much with metal clay.  It's expensive.  It's great for charms and pendants, but that's all.

And that's my monthly craft summary.   

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Still experiencing Blog Confusion.  Got a several...but only want one...well, maybe two...heehehehehehehe...  No serious, two.  I'm keeping this one and All Glassed glass blog.  This one is for,....oh...just stuff...the cats...Mr.  All Glassed In is for my glass experimentation.

Right now, I'm laying on my bed with my laptop propped on my knees and my tabby cat, Jazmyn stretched out next to me.  Jazmyn likes it when I take a shower after lunch and then flop on the bed to read or maybe take a "cat" nap.  That's her one-on-one time with me.   Sometimes her housemate, Boo Boo, comes up, too, but he sleeps at the foot of the bed.  He knows it's Jazzi's time with me, too.  

Boo gets LOTS of time with me.  When I'm sitting on the couch trying to focus on my hobbies, he's EVERYWHERE....on my lap...trying to drink out of my water glass...on the cushion in back of my head.  He's wacko!  This morning, while trying to get a drink of water out of my glass, Boo knocked over the glass and the water spilled all over the floor.  And Boo had the nerve to look annoyed.  Obviously, I had not taken the care he expected in preventing the glass from tipping, and thus he didn't get his drink.  We won't mention here that he has a big bowl of water in the kitchen which is refreshed morning and night.

Boo thinks I'm incompetent, Jazzi just questions my ability to make sane decisions, such as letting Boo live with me for 13 years.