Friday, July 3, 2009


We made it back to Hawaii!!! Along the way we had to spend 4 days in Chicago with two cranky cats crammed into a small, but luxurious hotel room. Our plane from Dulles to O'Hare was delayed because United Airlines didn't schedule a crew to fly our plane. Minor, but important detail. We ended up flying Continental with the cats safely in Continental's Pet Safe program flying on the plane with us.

And just a word about United Airlines. They have GOT to be THE WORST airlines flying in the skies today. We have now flown many airlines in the U.S. and Europe and United is BY FAR the lousiest! Even though it was their fault we got stranded in Chicago. Even though all our luggage, except one duffle bag, was forwarded to Honolulu while we were still in Chicago. Even though, they lost our cats for about 2 hours. They absolutely refused to do anything for us, except give us some coupons to a couple of fleabag hotels all an hour from the airport.
We finally gave up arguing with United personnel and decided to book ourselves in to the Hilton across from the airport. Not one manager from United would come talk to us. They were all hiding, I imagine. And the airport personnel kept saying how tired they were. I'm sorry, I just didn't freakin' care! Crappy scheduling, crappy customer service, just plain crappy airlines.

But, here we are. We're home. Our belongings were delivered and we're up to our eyes in boxes and bins. It'll take a while to sort this all out, but we will. And we're staying put for the next few years....