Thursday, November 19, 2009

More cat stories....

I think the reason I love cats is because they change just like people do over the years. I always thought they disliked change, but after consideration of the cats I have now...or the cats who have me now....I think they do like change as long as they are the instigators of said changes.

Until April of 2007, I had three cats. My very special baby, Ferdi, who was a little black smoke Persian guy, and Booboo's roommate since I brought them both home, died in late April 2007. Booboo and Ferdi ruled the roost...well, actually, FERDI ruled the roost. He was my constant friend. He rarely left my side, which is a polite way of saying that he dominated my attention. Booboo never seemed to care. He liked people, but I never thought he liked me that much. He liked me when I was useful to him, but otherwise I was just an obstacle to him getting his way in all things.

Then we had to put Ferdi to sleep. He had lymphoma and I refuse to let him suffer. I make a deal with all the animals who come to live with me. I promise to love them and take care of them to the best of my ability (and yes, spoil them until they run the place), and when they get sick and are in pain, I promise to let them go peacefully.

Booboo mourned Ferdi. I'd never seen a cat do that before, but those two guys were really tight. Without a feline companion, because our female tabby hated both Booboo and Ferdi, Booboo turned to me as his new BFF. He now allows me to pick him up and carry him around. He NEVER allowed that before. He seemed to feel that he had more legs than I did, so why did I need to carry him around? Ferdi, on the other hand, knew he had more legs, but they were little short Persian cat legs and, oh, by the way, he was cute, so I should carry him everywhere.

Booboo sits near me all the time. He hates it when I do my Wii Fit exercises as he considers ALL my time when I am not laboring to earn money to get food, toys and litter for him, to be "our time" together. He has even trained me to let him drink out of my water glass, as MY water is actually HIS water and, besides, WE share everything.

He wakes me up in the morning, usually a couple hours before I HAVE to get up, but he thinks that I don't mind because soon I'll be at work with humans and I'll miss him desperately. He has gotten nicer to Jazzi, our female tabby, probably because she younger and bigger and can potentially beat the crap out of him.

In short, Booboo has changed dramatically in the last 2+ years. And that's ok with him because it's now the Booboo Show and that's change he can live with.