Sunday, November 20, 2011

Here they are!

 For once I got my act together to post my pictures early today.  This picture is the serendipitous quilt that just "happened" yesterday.  Found the fabric, realized how much I missed my sunflower fabric and decided to whip up something simple to add beads to.  I have a perfect place to put it in the bedroom.  I just love sunflowers.  They are such happy flowers!

And this is the polka dot quilt. Really bright and pinky-magenta.  I'm going to bead it, too, but haven't decided how yet.

Today I need to work on my Red Victorian Lady bead tapestry.  Haven't worked on  her in a while.  She's a big project and isn't going to weave herself!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Quilt Catch Up

I've gotten the quilting bug again.  I have rarely quilted while living in Hawaii....too hot and we don't use quilts at all.  But, I spent two weeks in New Hampshire which included a couple of days of snow.  I just felt like quilting and sewing in general.  Thought that feeling would go away once I returned to the tropics, but it hasn't.  

I've cleaned up my sewing area which is just a part of  one of the bedrooms.  It's enough space with shelving and a table for cutting, etc.  I don't think I'll be making any bed quilts, just lap quilts and some wall quilts.  

When I lived in Germany, I made several quilts.  One was for Bob because he didn't have one and we really needed them in the winter.  His was coffee-themed :)
And I got into making wall quilts embellished with beads and appliques.  These are a couple of the wall quilts I made:

Today, I've been working on a new quilt based on one of my favorite quilting books.  I'm almost finished with the piecing, but haven't decided on embellishment yet.  Oh yes, it must be embellished!  I'll post a picture tomorrow of the pre-embellished stage.  And I finished a top for a wall quilt which just kind of happened while I was going through my stash today.  I'll post a picture of it's pre-embellished stage, too.

I'm back to quilting!