Saturday, August 27, 2011


I'm trying to revive this blog once again. I have so many cat stories I want to share.  First, let me introduce Merlin. 

Merlin is a 5yr old cat we adopted from a local rescue group.  He definitely part Burmese.  He has Burmese fur and looks reddish brown underneath his black coat.  He is a gorgeous animal.  And a spoiled animal.  My husband, Bob, says all my cats will be's just what I do. 

Merlin was really sick when we first got him.  He stopped eating a week after we got him.  We took him to the vets. a week and a half later (and $4500), he was back with a stomach tube and we had to feed him through the tube until he could eat again by himself.  His liver had shutdown and had to be "taught" to function again.  It only took 2 weeks before he was eating on his own.

And since then he has been king of the house and all he surveys.   He has scared Jazzmyn, who unbeknownst to us didn't want another cat  in the house, so she stays upstairs.  We're gradually working their relationship out, but it's going to take a while.  
Check back for more Merlin/Jazzmyn stories....