Sunday, January 22, 2012

Retirement Quilt

I'm planning myself a retirement quilt.  I know, I'm starting early, but it takes me time to make a quilt. For my first spring in New Hampshire after I retire I want to snuggle under a new quilt made by me!

I love log cabin quilts.  So, I decided to make myself a log cabin quilt in purple and rose and yellow polka dots.  I've made two blocks so far.  And you'll note that I have a black cat-shaped spot on my two blocks. And this spot is apparently washing his feet....on MY quilt blocks.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Merlie's Quilt Addiction

Let's remember that Merlie never lived in a cold climate.  I doubt he ever really knew what a quilt was until a few weeks ago.  Ever since he became acquainted with his Aunt Denise's quilt, which she made for Bob, he's been a quilt junkie. In fact, he's become a FABRIC junkie!  

I submit this picture as evidence:

Note the colorful fabric Merlie is ensconced upon.  That is a quilt top that I spread over one of our pub chairs in order to decide if I wanted to make the quilt bigger or leave it as a wall quilt.  

Merlie has never sat on our pub chairs.  Never showed any interest in them.  BUT, add a quilt top and he's right there!  Also, he's been joining me in my quilting area lying in quilt scraps.  HOWEVER, once I tried sprinkling fabric scraps on him.  He got scared and ran.  I have no idea what he thought I was really doing to him.  He doesn't seem scared of lying on the scraps, but scraps raining down freaks him out.   Strange cat....