Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mostly finished....

I haven't added anything to this blog in a while.  Not that I haven't been working on anything, but I guess I just didn't think it worth of being blogged. 

Instead of doing housework like I should have today, I spent the majority of my day in my sewing space.  I love my sewing space.  It is small....the smallest bedroom in the house, but it is adequate.  I have nearly floor to ceiling wire cubes plus a huge set of deep shelves on three walls plus drawers under my worktable, which doubles as a sleeping spot for Merlin when he joins me.  I also have a couple of "drawer's on wheels" for thread and other sewy stuff.  In the middle of the room is my sewing machine with it's wonderful cabinet.  Space for cutting and ironing.  

Today I mostly finished three tops that have been languishing around the house.  I need borders for all three, I think, but that's just picking out fabric.  

 This first one is called The Pantry.  I took pictures with my iPad, which doesn't do that well in the lighting in my sewing space.  The squares have either food...fruits, veggies or preserved food in circles on them.  I'm going to border this with fabric that looks like wood.  No idea what I'll do with it, but it was fun to make.

The quilt top above I started and finished this afternoon.  It's called a "Jelly Roll Race".  You take a jelly roll of fabric and keep sewing the strips together randomlyI like the result and it was super fast.  This top is not very big, so I'll probably use two borders.
This quilt top is a fence rail.  I made sure to create "stars" with the yellow and blue fabric. I've had this one in the works for a whileBlocks were all sewn, just not sewn together.  It's a bit bigger than lap-sized...kind of a quilt to cuddle on the couch with...but not here in Hawaii.  I'm going to put on a small border just to hold it all together visually.