Saturday, October 25, 2008

Seed Beads

I buy LOTS of seed beads! For those who have seen my bead stash, you already know that. For most of my seed beads I prefer buying Miyuki or Matsuno beads. They are the best seed beads I've found. I have a few sources for most of my beads. I like using businesses that provide good service and good prices. When I find businesses like that I stick with them.

When I want to buy in bulk, there is nothing like Fire Mountain Gems . For large quantities of seed beads, especially square beads, they are the best. But, sometimes I don't want large quantities. For smaller quantities, I like to buy my beads from an Ebay store called:
Miyuki Gal Beads . The first thing that caught my eye about MGB is that you can buy beads in groups of coordinated colors. You can also buy the beads in mixes of fringe, cubes, round and cylinder seed beads. And Sue at MGB provides great service. Whether I'm living in Hawaii or overseas, I get my MGB packages in a week or less.

And speaking of Sue at MGB, she was kind enough to feature my beading efforts on her blog: Seed Bead Sue . You should check out her blog. There are other really talented bead people featured there.

1 comment:

Barbara said...

People who work with seed beads always amaze me. I just don't have your *patience*!

I'm just in awe. :)