Monday, January 16, 2012

Merlie's Quilt Addiction

Let's remember that Merlie never lived in a cold climate.  I doubt he ever really knew what a quilt was until a few weeks ago.  Ever since he became acquainted with his Aunt Denise's quilt, which she made for Bob, he's been a quilt junkie. In fact, he's become a FABRIC junkie!  

I submit this picture as evidence:

Note the colorful fabric Merlie is ensconced upon.  That is a quilt top that I spread over one of our pub chairs in order to decide if I wanted to make the quilt bigger or leave it as a wall quilt.  

Merlie has never sat on our pub chairs.  Never showed any interest in them.  BUT, add a quilt top and he's right there!  Also, he's been joining me in my quilting area lying in quilt scraps.  HOWEVER, once I tried sprinkling fabric scraps on him.  He got scared and ran.  I have no idea what he thought I was really doing to him.  He doesn't seem scared of lying on the scraps, but scraps raining down freaks him out.   Strange cat....

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