Saturday, January 3, 2009


I have an announcement! I might as well get it out of the way right now at the beginning of the year: I will turn the BIG 5-0 this year! Some women cringe, others cry...I just scream it out because it's better than the alternative. I don't lie about my age. I couldn't care less who knows. I'm not vain enough to wear contacts (although I do have these ultra-chic, Euro-cool, glasses frames that I got here last year) and sometimes, on weekends, I sit in my jammies until at least noon. Today I am sitting on my couch, in my blue flannel night shirt and mismatched snuggly socks. And that's all 'cuz I'm old enough to do what I want!

Since 50 represents a half century, and I have no expectations of reaching a full century, I want do something monumentally creative to commemorate not having expired yet, not being in jail and not living in a trailer park. So, I'm proposing a series of Celebrate 50 Quilts. I want to celebrate the colors, sounds, smells, sights and moments that I enjoy. I'm thinking small quilts...not more than 10x10. Today I'm going to start thinking about my first opening quilt. A splashy affair with lots of color and noise. My actual birthday will not be until October, but by then I'd like to have my quilts done and on display. Who knows maybe I'll have a party :)


Sharon said...

I love your idea and Look forward to seeing them. I wish I had done something like that when I turned 50. I now turned 53, wow that was fast. I will be 54 this year and now I am thinking I need to do something monumental too. Great idea and attitude. Its just a number right?

Lynne said...

Sharon, it's never too late! And it is ONLY a number...we're not getting older, we're getting BETTER!