Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tea Dying

I looked into my tea cabinet today and realized I had waaaaaaaaaaay to many boxes and bags of tea. I've been drinking coffee the majority of the time since my DH, Bob, got his new Italian coffee machine. We call his coffee efforts "Bobsbuck" and it is MUCH less expensive that that other 'bucks' should we even have access to any here in Bavaria.

So, I have lots of tea which I must either drink or do something with before we pack up in April. As I was rooting around in my fabric I found some white on white and cream on cream stuff that I always meant to dye. I used up all my dyes before coming here. I got the bright idea to use the tea to dye the fabric. It went very well all things considered. I achieved a light rose/purple from using a German tea of blueberry and vanilla. And I got a really nice mocha color from jasmine and vanilla tea. I'm going to try a few more kinds today.

One thing I did learn is that loose tea left loose is not a good thing to dye with. The color was fine, but rinsing the leaves from the fabric was a pain! I have a few ideas for vintage-look quilts which will use these fabrics.

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