Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm back!

Although I haven't been blogging on this blog, I have been working on quilts and fabric in general.  While looking through my extensive stash of fabric, I found some that made me wonder what I was thinking when I bought it.  Like this piece:

It is probably the ugliest piece of fabric I've owned..EVER...and  I've been quilting since 1987.  
When I first found it, I thought it was inside out....but, nope, it is right side out the way you see it.  The stuff I would never put in a quilt is going into a pile to be made into cotton crocheted rugs like this one I made:

 I had yards and yards of drapery weight fabric my mom had gotten in a community yard sale years ago.  The fabric was leftovers from the funeral parlor across the street from my mom's house when they made new drapes....kinda funny :)

This rug is almost 4ft across and it is gracing my foyer.  We have beige carpeting in this house and it never stays I'm covering it up.  Here are some others I made:

 I think I am obsessed...there are a few more rugs in my future as I clean out my stash....

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