Monday, June 7, 2010

Glass Disaster!

Got some nifty new glass fusing molds on Thursday last week.  So, I brushed on kiln wash, filled them with glass frit and got them ready for the kiln.  Saturday morning I put in the first mold which was a neat moon figure.  Saturday afternoon I took out the mold when it was done, only to find that the glass had cracked rather badly, but not irreparably.  I put in the second mold, a sun.  Sunday morning I took out the sun mold to find it had broken badly during firing.  The mold had literally crumbled.  That was quite disappointing.  

I put the moon mold back in with the glass repaired and refired it to fix the broken areas.  I took the moon out after about 8 hours to find that the mold had also broken, probably in the first firing which is why the glass cracked in the first place.

I've contacted the online store I bought the mold from and asked for replacements.  Hopefully I'll hear from them soon.

So, bad weekend at the kiln.  I did, however, get some work done on my bead loom project, an off loom project and some bead embroidery.  

I'll get some pictures posted this afternoon.

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