Sunday, March 2, 2008

And Now for Something Completely Different....

I've decided to keep one blog...put all my stuff here. I'm just not multi-taskable enough to deal with more than one blog. So, in this post I will tell about our recent trip to....ROME! It was wonderful, but too short. Never having been there before, and having been places where I've stayed beyond the time it took to enjoy whatever was there, I decided to only give us about 2 days in Rome. Coulda spent a week...a month....a year.

It was cold, but at least on our first full day, it wasn't cold enough to keep us from stomping around the Colloseum and Palatine Hill. We were some of the first people to get out to Palatine Hill, where the ruins of the Roman Forum are as well as several temples dedicated to Roman gods. It was great to walk around such ancient fragments without hordes of people to trip over. We had the place to ourselves for an hour before the tour groups and school groups descended. From the Forum ruins you can walk upstairs to see Caesar's Forum. That was really interesting. Lots of columns remained and there was some active archeological activity going on. As you walk around Caesar's Forum, traffic whizzes by as present-day Romans go work or about their errands. And in the middle of it all are columns, statues and other remnants of "other" Romans who probably went about their business the same, only in different conveyances.

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