Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hit the Jackpot!

Well, the jackpot for crafting anyway. We've been having problems with the APO mail system for some reason. So, today when the mail came in, I got a WHOLE bunch of fabric, beads and cross stitch stuff! I also got my Amazon orders for a couple of books and Seasons 9&10 of Stargate SG-1. I miss that show. Stargate Atlantis is a decent Sci-Fi show, but SG-1 was my favorite. Seasons 9&10 were pretty weak, but I have the rest of the series, so I thought I might as well get the last two seasons, too.

Back to arts and crafts! I painted fabric yesterday....again. This is what I came up with:

I painted my already painted fabric with Lumiere metallic paints in gold, copper and silver. Then I used Shiva Paintsticks to do a rubbing of a rubber stamp of roses and one that turned out to look like a cool circle. This piece feels kind of stiff, more like paper than fabric. I still have to iron the piece.

Another experiment: I painted...er...already painted fabric and then used an oil paintstick to rub a checked rubber stamp. Then I painted two other textured stamps with Lumiere paint and stamped as much a I could. This piece came out softer than the one above. Not sure why. Both are nice and very useable. Both need to be ironed

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