Sunday, March 23, 2008


I took 'em and now I'm gonna share 'em!

First up: My first bead embellished wall quilt

I used design ideas from the book Successful Scrap Quilts from Simple Rectangles . I have been in a black and white phase for a while. And I think I'm not quite done yet.
Close up pictures of beaded flowers:

These are really free-form flowers. I loved creating them with beads!

And I "tied" the quilt with clear, silver-lined triangular shaped seed beads.

And now, some experiments I've been cooking up:

First, some abstract pieces from tiny scraps and threads

The red piece will have things added to it. I may add it to a piece of fabric and embellish it. The black and white pieces will probably stand on their own with embellishments.

And, finally, my painting experiments:

I used a white on white fabric and painted with acrylic paint and water. After the fabric was dry, I used oil paintsticks for rubbings. I'll probably cut this apart and use pieces of it. I think I'll use smaller pieces of fabric and use my Lumiere paints.

This piece was painted with acrylic paint and water. I dried it hanging over the heating element in the bathroom, which left darker ridges in the fabrics. Rather intriguing....

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