Sunday, March 16, 2008

Been Busy!

I have been a busy bee for the past week. I finished two black and white wall quilts. Well, one came out a bit larger than I usually make wall quilts, but I still think I'll put it on the wall. The second wall quilt is definitely perfect size for a wall hanging. I decided to embellish the second with beads. I made freeform flowers in the right hand lower corner and then "tied" the rest of the quilt with clear triangle -shaped beads. I don't think I'm done with it quite yet. The flowers in the right hand corder are colorful and make the rest of the quilt look empty. Soooooo, I think I'm going to rummage through my button collection and find a couple of red buttons to decorate the corners of the quilt where there are no flowers. And then again I might use size 11 seed beads to make some daisy like flowers (only red) in the upper left hand corner. I have the quilt spread out upstairs in my "studio" so I can look at it as I work on other things. What needs to be done with that quilt will come to me....eventually.

Today I spend a fair amount of time making jewelry. First, of course, I cleaned the bathroom and swept the stairs. After I finished those chores and a few others, I felt grand sitting upstairs stringing and making earrings. I was on a natural material kick and worked with turquiose, lapis lazuli, serpentine and various quartz. I have to admit I was never fond of bracelets made with elastic cording. However, after making a few for me to wear, I can see that they have a place in my jewelry wardrobe. Sometimes after I have worked with fabric for weeks and weeks, I need some time with my beads :) I really liked combining my beads with fabric. That's the best of both worlds :)

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